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Blade Runner 2 being written

BladeRunner.jpgTwo of the writers of Eagle Eye say they are working on a script for a Blade Runner sequel. Thankfully no one at a studio has asked them to do it, but that doesn't seem to be stopping them.

Some films should just be left alone. What are they up to?

Travis Wright and John Glenn are the two writers who have decided to tackle a Blade Runner sequel. They are doing it off their own backs, with no studio involvement at this stage.

Wright says that they have been working on treatments for a few years. They also claim to have been talking to Bud Yorkin, a co-executive producer on Blade Runner. Not only that but they have been trying out previsualization sequences as well. The news comes from /Film.

It sounds at the minute like some wishful thinking by a couple of writers. Let's hope so. A Blade Runner sequel is bad enough, but without Ridley Scott. Surely it can't happen?



Oh come on, they only have Eagle Eye under their belt as a success.

Okay, calm down Richard. Perhaps they could pull this off and produce something original, could they really?

Shia Labeouf as Deckard, Seth Rogen as Roy Batty's good clone brother. How can it miss?


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