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Millar talks Wanted 2 script

Wanted.jpgMark Millar has been talking again about a sequel to Wanted, and now he reveals that right after the premier the studio asked for the sequel, and he has the idea, however it is going to be film only.

He does say that the story may well come from a mix of a new idea and some of the original stories from the comic book, and that he's coming up with the outline.

We first heard about the Wanted sequel from Terence Stamp who said said although he wasn't a huge part of the first film, his role in the second would be much bigger. Then Mark Millar confirmed the plans for a sequel on his message board, and now he's revealing just where those ideas would come from.

He talks over at Newsarama through TheMovieFix about his involvement and reveals that the sequel to Wanted was a go pretty much from the first public screening.

“The minute the movie came out and made $55 million the opening weekend, they knew it would be headed toward the $300 million mark in theaters, and another $200 estimated on DVD...So they invested $100 million in it, and made $500 million back, and they were really pleased with that, so immediately, Wanted 2 and 3 were greenlit, and James [McAvoy] was signed on for another two movies, so there’s a larger plan at work here...

...At the premiere, everybody knew that it was going to make a lot of money, and we were all buzzing...On the way out, Mark Platt, the main producer put his arms around me and JG and said, ‘Okay, so what’s the plan for Wanted 2?’ I looked at him and said, ‘There is no plan,’ and he said to me, ‘Okay, well, have something for us next week.’”

So it seems he was off to work on an idea:

“What I will be doing is providing them with a very small amount of stuff for a story, and that will be used as a basic story that they can build from. It will be a small outline that can possibly be picked apart and not used – but it will be something exclusively for the second film, and no one will ever really see it.”

However he did go on to say that he is not returning to the Wanted series in comic book form, that's it for the series in ink, although he's happy for it to continue in film format. He's keener to work on a franchise for Kick-Ass for both comic and film, a sequel for which he's already got an idea for, and that's in both ink and film.

As for the Wanted 2 sequel idea, looks like we'll never know unless the writers adapt it directly, or perhaps we'll hear once the film is underway:

“It will be some of the stuff that we didn’t utilize from the first book for the movie – like chapters three and four – there will be some stuff from that, so in the loosest sense it will be based on the book, but only very little...The nice thing about owning it and creator-owned properties is that JG and I will still be producers on the thing, and will still obviously get paid for the rights.”

So the second film is most definitely a go, not really that much of a surprise is it? Well I don't think so, just by looking at the film you realised that it was going to be huge, and sure there were problems with it, but it was a great exciting ride and I would welcome another.

I'm intrigued though what that idea could be, particularly because it's drawing from the comic series. Considering the superhero aspect has been dropped it really has to be more about the loom and weaving storyline, surely?



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