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Sommers and Beattie on Tarzan

Tarzan_Burroughs.jpgStephen Sommers is going to be directing Tarzan, no really he is.

Actually he's in negotiations so there's a chance he still might not direct it, however the fact that Stuart Beattie is adapting the script from the Edgar Rice Burroughs story is exciting, Beattie wrote Collateral, 30 Days of Nights, and the Pirates of the Caribbean series.

The story comes from The Hollywood Reporter, and I'm wondering if it isn't such good news to have Stephen Sommers directing the film.

Previously we heard Guillermo del Toro had been looking to direct a script written by John Collee who had written Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World but del Toro is a tad busy so it's onto pastures new.

Personally I would have thought a darker more fantastical version of the story from del Toro would have been better, and then Hollywood could have shouted about a reimagining of the story and a return to the origins and all that rubbish.

This way we are probably going to get an action adventure film much like The Mummy or Van Helsing, now is that the Tarzan you want to see?



Lord Greystroke, Tarzan of the Apes is Edgar Rice Burrough's golden-boy exemplar of "natural selection" used by the author to model the arrogance and ignorance of 19th Century colonial imperialism. Burroughs, like his contemporary brethren Arthur Conan Doyle, was a staunch Darwinist, promoting the iconoclast of European white male superiority (a white man lording through the jungle) over the “darkies” of primitive Africa with unashamed abandon.
The 21st Century challenges for the Continent are, to say the least, multifaceted and multi-layered, involving both culture and ecology, the horrors of global neglect and apocalyptic famine, incurable diseases and genocidal wars—all this, while being subjected to the kinds of exploitation (blood diamonds, Draconian oil deals, Machiavellian retribution, etc.) that will skewer or sidetrack any conventional re-telling or traditional interpretation of the Tarzan motif as conceived by Burroughs.
Any attempt to produce a "great summer action movie" rated PG-13 will be an anathema in the current zeitgeist and an historical anachronism that by now belong not in the 19th Century—for that matter, not even inside the Matrix of a 1999 Disney cartoon. Except for the ignorant, Tarzan’s time has past.


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