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Blade Runner 2 really happening?

BladeRunner.jpgThe previous story about two writers preparing a script for Blade Runner 2 had some fans up in arms, how dare they write a sequel to such a great film? After all it's a classic of our time and shouldn't be touched...Ridley Scott is the only one allowed to change it time and time again.

However one of the writers Travis Wright has come out and corrected that original story that was out on the Internet and which seems to be a little off the mark. The important bit is that there was a sequel treatment being worked on, but not quite in the way that was originally thought.

According to the previous story both Travis Wright and John Glenn were set to write a sequel to Blade Runner and that they'd been working on a treatment for the film for years. They story also said that they'd been trying to talk to Bud Yorkin, a co-executive producer on Blade Runner, to get the project moving.

However Travis Wright has come out and revealed where the story actually came from, and it's not quite like that.

He reveals in an email to /Film that both he and John Glenn were paid to explore a potential sequel some years back and this work went on for about two years. They wrote several treatments for how to approach the Blade Runner sequel and they were indeed working with Bud Yorkin on them.

However the project never got to a script version, but because both Glenn and Wright were paid to write a script, Wright is going to tackle one on his own, because he wants to, and whether anyone wants to read it or not. It seems that it has become a little labour of love for himself.

Wright also points out that Glenn is no longer interested in dealing with the sequel, and it's all down to him now.

He goes on to talk about how much of a geek and fan boy he is, and tries to allay fears about the sequel in his hands, but all in all it looks like he's writing a script for his own enjoyment and it might never see the light of day.

Although one was originally paid for, now it looks like no one is actively commissioning it.

Still, feelings for the original aside (whichever version you prefer), isn't there something in your heart that would love to see the story continued and find out what happened to Deckard and Rachael? Isn't there a way you could see the story continued?



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