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District 14 (Banlieue 14) new title and video

District13.jpgThe sequel to District 13 (Banlieue 13) (Filmstalker review) has a title and some on set video released on the internet, and for those of you haven't seen District 13 then I'd advise you to get into it right now because it's a superb action film that uses Parkour for all the action based sequences.

We knew that there was a remake on the way, but it was going to be called District 14 (Banlieue 14), now though the title is set to be District 13 Ultimatum (Banlieue 13 Ultimatum).

There's also a behind the scenes video in French which you can see online right here [QT:MP4] through Quiet Earth, who also provide us with a new blurb for the story, albeit roughly translated.

"District 13, two years later. The government has changed, not the rest ... The wall of isolation - ever higher, ever greater and Beyond - has spread around towns ghettos and gangs that have proliferated further increased their influence. The traffic is now divided among five ethnic neighborhoods, each headed by a fearsome gang leader. More than ever determined to "settle the problem," the secret services voluntarily fire to the powder. Damien, a cop expert in martial arts, and Leito, able to sneak in every corner of the suburbs, make new team. Their goal: to save the city from chaos. Their program: Muscle and fighting for race-defying the laws of gravity."

Well it sounds like more of the same but bigger, and really you know what? That's not a bad thing, with the entertainment and action that the original brought then why not?



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