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Lethal Weapon 5 fast tracked

LethalWeapon.jpgLethal Weapon 5 is moving along, and is being fast tracked by Warner Bros. Plus an actor claims he is up for the role of Murtaugh's son in the fifth film.

I thought we were waiting on Mel Gibson, who is busy with Edge of Darkness. Let's hope he's agreed.

Last we heard on Lethal Weapon 5, they were waiting on Mel Gibson agreeing to the new script. The new script was written by the writer of the originals Shane Black. The idea includes two new characters, who are young NYPD officers. But with Gibson filming Edge of Darkness, nothing much was moving.

Well, now IGN say Columbus Short claims he is in talks to play the part of Murtaugh's son. It also looks like the film is being fast tracked by Warner Bros. Not sure what the rush is, lets hope they aren't bashing on without Mel Gibson.

Interested in Lethal Weapon 5? Does it count on Mel Gibson and Danny Glover?



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