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Stalked: Alesha Dixon for Flashdance and Fame producer speaks

AleshaDixon.jpgAlesha Dixon, the gorgeous singer and winner of Strictly Come Dancing, is being tipped to star in the Hollywood remake of Flashdance, as well as maybe adding her vocal talents.

Meanwhile the producer of the Fame remake has been talking about the film and it's sounding worse and worse. Not from a Fame musical point of view, just from the usual Hollywood cliché's that are coming out for the film.

First up the gorgeous Alesha Dixon is being rumoured by MyBliss to be signing up for the remake of the musical Flashdance, a remake of which I didn't even know was happening.

Alesha Dixon was a winner on the UK show Strictly Come Dancing and is an R&B singer who is making a bit of a comeback of late after her early success with the group Mis-Teeq. Oh, and she's stunning, funny, and a highly engaging personality on screen. She would certainly work on film, and can dance. The question though is will there be a Flashdance remake, and could she really take the lead?

I was reading an interview with the soundtrack producer for the Fame musical remake, Lauren Christy, and although there's not a lot said, some catchphrases had me worried about the remake. From Entertainment Weekly she says:

"They're going to give it some modern-day spin, but it's going to be fabulous...It's made for kids that never saw the original, but it's going to be hip and cool."

Oh dear. It's cool, for the kids, trendy, hip and cool. Well that'll be worth missing then, or it'll be High School Musical 4, or 5 depending when Flashdance comes out.



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