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Tr2n in 3D

Tron.jpgIt seems that TR2N, that's the sequel to the superb eighties film TRON about a man pulled into the world inside a computer, will be filmed in stereoscopic 3D.

Now for me that's usually a let down because we end up seeing a film that concentrates on throwing things at the screen and making us feel like we're part of the action rather than developing a sTRONg script and film, however TR2N might go against that grain.

According to some comments that Joseph Kosinski, the director of TR2N, made over at AICN through JoBlo, it seems that the teaser sequence that we saw from ComicCon was filmed entirely in stereoscopic 3D and that the rest of the film will be too.

There are also some other reveals, such as Steven Lisberger, the co-writer and director of TRON, is onboard as a consultant which we already knew, the shooting of the film will be a two year process, and that in the first film they wanted the light cycle riders outside of the bikes but it proved too costly, and that's about it.

The big one for me is the 3D idea though. Usually this spells disaster for a film as it means throwing something together that is filled with action and things flying towards the audience, that's the depth of the imagination that the creatives have in bringing an audience into a film using 3D. I mean you just have to look at Journey to the Center of the Earth for the evidence of that.

However in the case of TR2N something else is happening, and I'm wondering if this is perhaps going to work out after all. Just watching the footage from ComicCon of the teaser brought back such great feelings from the original and really captured the imagination of the audience. This wasn't just speeding lightcycles towards the screen, in fact you would have been hard pressed to realise that it was in 3D, and usually it's very easy.

By the way the teaser footage from ComicCon is still online right here on Filmstalker.

Do you think TR2N will work in 3D? I'm beginning to think that the 3D will take a backseat, as it should, and we're going to get story and excitement above all, not just effects and flying towards the screen. This could actually work.



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