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Universal Soldier III plot details

UniversalSoldier.jpgIt seems that the idea of a Universal Soldier III film is actually much more of a reality than we first thought, and there's now a plot outline on the loose and it looks like Sony are moving ahead with it.

Calm down though, there's still no word about casting, although a new director is on the cards.

Previously we had heard that P.J. Pesce, the director of Lost Boys: The Tribe, was set to take the helm, but he announced that the whole film was down the tubes. There was going to be no Jean-Claude Van Damme and no Dolph Lundgren, the script was dead and so was the film.

However today there's some more news about Universal III: A New Beginning – can you shout reboot? - from Quiet Earth. They reveal that the director is Simon Fellows.

After writing, producing and directing a short called Jump he went on to direct a horror called Blessed starring James Purefoy and Heather Graham, 7 Seconds with Wesley Snipes and Tamzin Outhwaite, Second in Command and Until Death with Jean-Claude Van Damme himself, and he's directing Malice in Wonderland and now Universal III: A New Beginning.

I hope beyond hopes that Sony manage to pull together the cash and persuasion to get both Van Damme and Lundgren back on board, wouldn't that just be the best thing?

Here's the plot outline, see if it would work for you.

A crazed Chechen nationalist, BASAYEV, seizes control of Chernobyl, site of the infamous nuclear meltdown, and threatens to unleash a radioactive cloud unless his nationalist blackmail demands are met.

LUC DEVEREAUX (Jean-Claude Van Damme) joins a U.S. team of revived UniSoldiers secretly held in deep storage. Their mission: retake Chernobyl and disable explosives that will unleash the radioactive clouds. Luc is surprised when he finds one of the reactivated UniSoldiers is a clone of his old Sergeant, ANDREW SCOTT (Dolph Lundgren). But the cloned Andrew has no recollection of Luc.

As the team furiously battles its way into the Chernobyl plant, they are caught off guard. Using a mind-control chip, Baseyev turns Andrew against his own comrades. Now surrounded, wounded, and out-numbered, Luc must battle Andrew, and save the world.

Wait a minute, I copy and pasted that from Quiet Earth and it clearly states that Van Damme and Lundgren are playing the characters. Does that mean they're really on board and just not announced yet?



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