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Chinese Transformers?

Transformers.jpgI just caught this story and was surprised at the idea, but then when you think where the idea of big robots, particularly ones which can change form, came from, then perhaps it's closer than the Hollywood version.

It would seem, if rumour was to be believed, that Jeffrey Lau is looking to make a Chinese version of Transformers...possibly, or at least a film which is entitled Robot...and actually may have nothing to do with Transformers at all.

Jeffrey Lau has always been a fan of science fiction, although his filmography isn't known for that genre, and he says that he's been working on this idea for some ten years. The idea of a film called Robot.

As I read the source article I started to wonder if this really did mean that they were looking at a Transformers film, and now I'm not so sure.

The opener in the article says "Chinese version of Transformers", but as you read the actual factual part about the story we hear nothing that would make you consider multiple robots, transformations or even shape changing.

What we do get is the reveal that the film is called Robot and that it will:

"...present a refreshing look at Chinese robots for people who are used to stereotypical Hollywood figures like Spiderman and Superman. He said the Chinese robot, in comparison, would feel closer and more human to audiences, as it is the incarnation of Oriental wisdom and strength."

Okay that sounds more like a single robot that is pitched in a superhero film rather than anything related to Transformers. Okay, so he's a robot, but then there's a film in Bicentennial Man, are you going to argue that's a Transformer type film too? Blade Runner? No.

The article comes from CriEngilish.com through Twitch, and I really don't think it's suggesting that we're looking to a Chinese Transformers film, oh a Chinese film about a super powered Robot perhaps, but that's as much as we get so far.



I was really excited when I read the headline, but alas, we are doomed to watching the Michael Bay Transformers forever...No cool looking robots, stupid dialogue aimed at teens or pre teens, a plot that has nothing to do with itself...Crap...I would fly to China just to get a glimpse of a real transformers movie, and now like you said Richard, we'll get Bicentenial Man instead...I can't wait to watch GI Joe and the second Transformers movie, then the destruction of all my beloved childhood memories will be complete...


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