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Final Bolt trailer online

Bolt.jpgA final trailer for Bolt is online. John Travolta voices the main character, a dog who thinks he has special powers. There is also the usual compliment of supporting characters.

This trailer looks fairly funny. Another one that will be a hit with the kids, and a few adults. The trailer is inside.

John Travolta plays Bolt, a dog who is a TV star. He's spent his whole live in TV, and really thinks he has the special powers that his character has. When he gets separated from the studio, he meets a cat and hamster on his travels. And begins to realise that he has no special powers, and his TV show isn't real.

The trailer is from MySpace, through Screen Rant. There are HD versions available on MySpace. What do you make of this one?



trailer was cool- i laughed at it -so its cool-this will grab audiences of all ages- it has that 'shrek' type of humour -crossing several ages and intellects.to provide a memorable piece of entertainment but hey i love Disney movies-i grew up on them-like some people i am not a closet Disney fan- 'confession time'- in my 40s and love Disney movies and Bolt's just going to confirm my love of Disney movies even further!....although...i have always preferred 2D rather than 3D- i prefer the art process of the creative hand rather than synthetic programme -if you get my drift-nevertheless Bolt looks well characterised with the appropriate voices-and being in the humour bracket of 'Toy Story' and Shrek -what can go wrong????


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