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The Broken (The Brøken) trailer online

TheBroken.jpgThe trailer for The Broken (The Brøken) is online, the film written and directed by Sean Elliis about a woman who sees herself drive past in her own car and soon begins to witness her entire world slipping away from underneath her.

The trailer has arrived online, well two in fact a French and a Japanese teaser, both incredibly different and telling the story in two very different ways, and together they're making me hungry to see this film.

You know I love it when a single line blurb like that grabs you by the throat, and that's exactly what it does here. The Broken, or The Brøken, stars Lena Headey as the woman who sees herself, and co-stars Richard Jenkins and Melvil Poupaud, and comes from the mind and eye of Sean Ellis.

It sounds an excellent premise, and the teasers really hooked me for very different reasons. The French one is totally visual, and is incredible to watch, you can easily see the influences here from current French films, while the Japanese teaser gives us some more story and dialogue, and Headey speaking English!

Rather than bog you down with writing, here are the two trailers for you to get your teeth into.

I'm in. All the way.



Your links are broken, fyi.

I really wanted to check them out :-(

Thanks for that BMaV. Pulled new copies of the trailers down for you.


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