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Tremors sequel?

Tremors.jpgWell I never realised that there were so many sequels to Tremors, four in fact. Well there could well be another one on the way, and judging by franchise remakes of late, there's a slim chance that it might just get something more than the straight to DVD treatment the rest have.

For those of you that original film starring Kevin Bacon and Fred Ward as a couple of handymen working in a tiny Nevada town who are suddenly turned into heroes trying to save the remaining residents from strange underground creatures intent on eating them all.

Tremors is a great fun film from 1990 that I watched recently and still loved. Not only has it spawned three sequels, but also a television entire series that lasted only one series.

According to Cinema Blend Universal are looking at another film in the franchise, and it's going to be set in Australia and called Tremors: The Thunder From Down Under. Actually that sounds like Josh's humour, but apparently he's not kidding.

There's nothing in the story that would suggest they are looking at cranking up the budget and the production on this film, but I think it might work. The dark comedy of Tremors was great, and what they should do is get this headed to the cinema instead of to DVD and try for a remake - yes I really am saying remake.

Of course I'd rather they just left it, but a remake is better than a fifth straight to DVD sequel isn't it?

Realistically though I can see this heading to DVD, just like The Lost Boys sequel. Shame though, it would have been nice to have a big budget Tremors.



I have to watch Tremors at least twice to three times a year, that's how much I love it! Stampede!!!

As for the sequels it has spawned I dont really care much for them, unless they bring the character of Valentine (Kevin Bacon) back.

I actually have a friend who was unofficially working with guidance from S.S. Wilson on making a Tremors sequel set in the UK, suggesting the Graboids found a way to burrow across the Atlantic.

In fact, there's still a trailer out there somewhere. As far as I know, past a couple of spec shoots, the film never got off the ground. But it doesn't surprise me the 5th sequel is taking place across an ocean. Hmmmmm.



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