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I Love You Phillip Morris three minute trailer

ILoveYouPhillipMorris.jpgA three minute promotional trailer for I Love You Phillip Morris has appeared online, the film starring Jim Carrey and Ewan McGregor as gay prison inmate lovers. Now there's an attention grabbing sentence.

The film is based on a novel by Steve McVicker (Amazon.com / Amazon.co.uk) which is itself based on real events, and that makes it all the crazier.

Jim Carrey is a father, husband and all round good guy, except he's a conman, and after a bad fall he's also gay. Then, to compound the matter, he gets caught for fraud and put in prison where he meets an awfully nice man whom he falls in love with.

After he gets transferred his lover gets released and so Morris decides to escape and head after him, something he managed four times in all using some amazing ruses. He faked suffering from AIDS for one, and in two other attempts broke out of prison and walked right into CEO roles earning huge salaries.

Ewan McGregor is playing his love interest, oh yes, and that makes for an interesting combination straight away.

I Love You Phillip Morris is being directed by the guys who wrote Bad Santa, Glenn Ficarra and John Requa

Now one thing I noticed about the promotional trailer is that it doesn't seem to be quite in line with the events above, perhaps that's cutting, perhaps that's just the way they've interpreted the story. Who cares frankly because it looks like a whole load of fun as well as opening up the possibility for some dramatic work from Carrey.

My only concern is there's a shot of Carrey doing his over the top silliness again, something I'm certainly tired of, and grew tired even before I saw what he could do dramatically.

Anyway, enough blabbing, here's the promotional trailer for you to enjoy.

Download from TrailersLand [FLV] in a Flash file format through Coming Soon.



I'm really looking forward to this though i hate when Ewan uses an american accent!


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