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Thick as Thieves International trailer online

MorganFreeman.jpgThe International trailer for Thick as Thieves has appeared online starring Morgan Freeman, Antonio Banderas, Radha Mitchell, Robert Forster, Rade Serbedzija and Tom Hardy.

The film sees a retired master thief who's daughter gets involved with a younger thief who is growing in notoriety. As her father tries to persuade the man to leave her alone, she's kidnapped and he is blackmailed to steal two Fabergé eggs from an impenetrable vault.

He teams up with the young thief to rescue his daughter, but at the same time as creating a plan to somehow break into the vault and keep his daughter alive, they have to avoid the police who are close on their tails.

The trailer for Thick as Thieves (also seemingly known as The Code) shows that this is a little more than a standard heist film and if you were to compare it with another film you'd see a number in there. There's the heist aspect, the buddying up with the unwanted lover of his daughter who will turn out to respect and accept at the end of the film, the master retired expert taking on the young fledging (and one of those starred Antonio Banderas too), and so on.

There are a lot of comparisons that could be made after watching the trailer, and on their own they might make you think that it's a weak remake of another idea, but you know what? Together I think they might give some interesting depth and tension to the film, of course there are a couple of other considerations too.

Mimi Leder, director of Pay it Forward, Deep Impact and The Peacemaker - interestingly Leder is attached to direct Mandrake according to IMDB -, and Ted Humphrey, television writer on The Unit, Shark and The Nine. Now that's an interesting combination, particularly when you add in Freeman, Banderas, Mitchell and Serbedzija.

Here's the trailer.



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