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The Mutant Chronicles red band trailer online

TheMutantChronicles_Poster.jpgThere's a trailer online for The Mutant Chronicles that is going by the moniker of red band trailer, and I have to admit that I couldn't watch it with the sound turned up, but I didn't see anything that was vaguely “red band”-ish about it.

Are the MPAA getting lighter and lighter, or are studios realising that red band trailers get a lot more notice than normal trailers?

Regardless of that issue and the complete tameness of this trailer, it is looking good. I do like the style of the film but the reports I've been hearing are that it's not as good a film as it looks.

Here's the so called red band trailer for The Mutant Chronicles, can you let me know why it's so bad to be a red band trailer?



I think it's "red band' as Ron Pearlman's attempt at an Irish accent is so offensive.


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