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Martyrs remake in Hollywood?

Martyrs.jpgIt appears that Hollywood has picked up another foreign horror for a remake, and this one isn't an Asian horror, no it just happens to be one of the most disturbing and violent ones we've seen for some time. The French horror film Martyrs.

Now I didn't know that this was getting a remake until recently, and although I have a copy I still haven't had a chance to see it yet, but I have heard a lot about it and the idea of a Hollywood friendly remake just doesn't seem right.

Pascal Laugier wrote and directed the film (he's next set to remake Hellraiser) which is waiting for a UK release on the 27th of March. It tells the story of a girl called Lucie who has been missing for over a year and is found wondering, near hysterical, at the side of a road. When the police interview her they find her traumatised and unable, or unwilling, to tell what happened to her or who did it. It's obvious though that she has undergone physical abuse in the time of her captivity.

She's placed in a home and there makes friends with another girl who has undergone abuse during her youth. As they become close friends Anna discovers that Lucie is having terrible living nightmares of her past and is being haunted by a creature who appears and attempts to mutilate Lucie.

Then, some time later, Lucie begins out on a path that will lead them both into a violent and terrifying future.

The story and reviews for Martyrs do sound terrifying and far more than anything that Hollywood could cope with, and so the question is why bother making it? Really? For those of you who have seen the film I think you would be questioning how they could possibly make it without ending up with a huge MPAA sticker on it screaming that it's evil and should be banned from being seen by any god-fearing Christian.

I honestly can't see them even giving it a chance in the cinema and it will end up as a sanitised version of itself, and as Meh says over at HorrorMovies.ca when he talks about this remake, it'll probably end up as a PG-13 with someone akin to Paris Hilton starring.



I agree, why bother? Look how awful other foreign remakes have been including One Missed Call, Pulse, Shutter, and The Eye.

It's just a list of woe isn't it Jeff?


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