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Ayrton Senna film

AyrtonSenna.jpgFinally, film is returning to the world of Formula 1, although it will be in a documentary form rather than a dramatic film. Mind you saying that the life of Ayrton Senna will make for a rather dramatic documentary don't you think, especially since it's the always controversial Formula 1.

Senna was a legend in Formula 1 motor racing, and competed in one hundred and sixty two races over ten years with eighty podiums, forty one wins, and three World Championship titles. He died in controversy in 1994 in a race accident.

You can read more about the brilliant Brazilian racer over on Wikipedia where they have all the details of Ayrton Senna's life.

The news from Variety is brief, but we hear that Working Title is producing the film and that the writer/director of Far North, Asif Kapadia, is set to direct the documentary while Manish Pandey has already written it.

If a documentary was going to be made about a Formula 1 driver then I think Senna is perhaps the perfect man for the film. There are other drivers who could come close, but for all time, Senna has the most exciting and dramatic story to be told.

I still hold out hope for some more dramatic Formula 1 films though, there's plenty material to be had there, especially with the behind the scenes fighting that has been going on for years between teams, the governing body, and so on. However I do fear that we'll have to wait for a change of leadership in F1 before that kind of film comes out.



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