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G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra director fired, editor salvaging

GIJoe.jpgIt's hard to believe that G.I. Joe even got made for me, it's like making an Action Man film, it works for the audience who played with the figures, but not for anyone else, and that means that the G.I. Joe films don't really have a huge worldwide coverage, and there's the worldwide feeling towards an all-American team saving the world.

Now, after seeing the trailers, it seems it's hard to believe that the film is having such a hard time, after all they looked as action packed as any other action film out there, it's packed with stars, and there's a strong list of talent behind it.

Then today I read the alleged story about the Stephen Sommers sacking from the production of G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra after it received the worst test screenings ever in the history of Paramount, now those are the words of an anonymous poster over at the Don Murphy – Transformers producer, not a G.I. Joe producer – forum boards through Latino Review (hey, I do link to all my source stories!), so bear that in mind as we delve into their comments.

It seems as though after that screening Stephen Sommers was asked to leave the the film with the pointed finger a la Alan Sugar. He was gone.

Then Stuart Baird, who we've heard of before coming in as an Equalizer editor, a man who can fix a film and turn it around in the editing room without the need for costly reshoots, new directors, and such.

There then follows plenty of more shenanigans and the return of Stephen Sommers to the film, but not into the editing room where Baird was, and is, still hard at work.

The poster believes that the problem lies with the producer not knowing and understanding the project, and the director Stephen Sommers being chosen for the film. Meanwhile El Guapo tends to agree, but does give the warning of let's not say it's rubbish until we've seen it.

That is perfectly true. Let's not destroy the film until we have watched it, until we see more than the few trailers we already have, because if you ask me, a guy from Scotland with no care for G.I. Joe or Action Man, the trailers look good. No, not Citizen Kane, not even Catch Me If You Can or The Mummy, both of which weren't bad films, more just a straight up action entertainment film.

That's one of the things I wonder about the film, are the studio too caught up in trying to deliver the American audience their G.I. Joe film and forgetting worldwide sales? Is the film in for a huge bomb abroad, even bigger than the one that this story suggests it's about to hit in the U.S.?

Also, let's remember that this anonymous poster is posting on the forum boards of a Transformers film, and that only a test screening audience has seen the film. Keep your rumour helmets on and biased boards up, this might not be all it seems.

Regardless of what's happening on it though I've never seen the attraction of the story from a non-American point of view. Is an all-American team of soldiers saving the world really going to work? Still, the trailers look fun.



Here is a point of view from a statesider.
I grew up in the prime of 80's cartoons, Transformers, GI Joe, Thundercats etc...
These franchises are cherished to those who fondly remember their childhood heroes. Which is why I think everyone is going bananas about GI Joe.
It suffers from the same problem as Transformers(Which success absolutely baffles me), it's not actually a franchise movie. They take the name and characters and turn them into something totally different.They should Just call the Transformers movie 'Transforming Robots The Movie'...And retitle GI Joe 'Super USA Soldiers'..
I don't think right now is a good time to be pushing a movie like this, people are sick of the USA 'saving the world' in real life, so why would people go to it in the cinema (especially foreign markets)?
I personally would be very suprized if the initial reviews are far from fact, it does have a list of stars, but seriously, when was the last time you were eager to see a Marlon Wayans action movie?
No metal faced Destro, Cobra Commander with a fishbowl head, and 'Accelerator Suits'?
Count me out.
P.S. If your able to find it, I emplore all to watch GI Joe:Resolute. Its a animated feature length that was shown on the Adult Swim block on Cartoon Network. It basically seems like someone was making up for the what looks like a disasterous movie. Plus it's written by the extremely talented UK comic book writer Warren Ellis. Its dark, violent, and just what I always wanted in a new GI JOE effort.

Cheers Matthew, the point of view is appreciated, good balance.

Agree with a lot of what you're saying. Two points if I may, one is I wouldn't class the Wayans as stars like some of the rest of this cast, this cast is a lot better than that surely.

Secondly, couldn't a film like this still be a success because it's so removed from G.I. Joe that fans would accept it as something else?

Actually I think I just answered my own question there, it's still titled that and has the same character names so they can't really live as anything else!


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