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Jackman in The Bodyguard remake?

HughJackman.jpgIt's amazing to imagine that there's going to be a remake of The Bodyguard, but apparently there is, even if the original sources were the rumour filled sites, there was still quite a trend to suggest that it was actually happening.

However it looks like it's just come true, and more than that the man at the helm of the film is a huge surprise. Titled Personal Security, the film will follow the same lines as The Bodyguard starring Kevin Costner and the once great Whitney Houston.

So who's going to replace the great Kevin Costner in this, really not a remake but sounds exactly the same, film?

Hugh Jackman is the man being rumoured to be involved for the lead of Personal Security, playing the Gotham detective who has been forced into bodyguard duty to protect a famous and very spoiled singer after she receives a kidnap threat.

However the original film just wouldn't work today and they are being forced to make a few changes, one of them is to hit the favourite Hollywood demographic of the thirteen year olds, so what would that change be?

The singer is now a teen heiress, and according to more rumour filled sites, that role is to be played by Miley Cyrus.

While the Hugh Jackman news comes through Variety, IMDB and Contact Music has the rumour that Miley Cyrus is set to be his co-star.

That said, neither does the rumour nor the announcement say anything about the heiress being a singer. I suspect that the other factor will be she'll be playing it straight.

I think for me, if the singer and performer factor is gone then it's tough to call it a remake of The Bodyguard. What do you think?



I think this is all nonsense. While it's true Variety announced Hugh's company picking up the spec script for "Personal Security" it was never announced that Miley was co-starring. They were seen having dinner together and that was it - the rumors started and it has now morphed to this. I won't believe it until it appears in the trades or Hugh or Miley confirm it.

I would imagine the love interest angle wouldn't work very well either!

meh enough is enough, I can live with remakes of movies for technical reasons (for example, Clash of the Titans, I loved the original but I'm keen to see what they can achieve with technology these days) or to give a different viewpoint or focus but simply dragging out the same story because your original demographic grew up and you've got some people who've never seen it is more cynical than even I'm prepared to be.

In fact, I think the bodyguard / singer plot in Taken was more probably close enough for my liking and it only took up about 4% of the movie.

Anon: You'll see that's what I was saying at the end of the story, while Jackman is announced Cyrus is a rumour and the write up of her character is too. However I wouldn't take the trades as absolute proof, they're often printing unsourced rumours themselves.

Andy P: Very good point! I didn't even think of that part. That would be a serious marketing problem for the film if they did go that route!!

Tony: Totally agree. This is all about the demographic and trying to exploit an existing fanbase, etc, etc. Hard cash. It is damn disheartening hearing these kind of stories day in day out.

no offense to Miley or anything but her voice isn't half as good as Whitney's was, don't get me wrong shes got talent but i dot think she could pull a Whitney song of.

JENNIFER LOPEZ it's perfect for the role


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