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Statham and Considine in Blitz

JasonStatham.jpgUnlike a lot of people I think Jason Statham is a cracking actor, he's just hidden behind an action star, and that acting talent looks like it's going to get an outing when he joins with Paddy Considine in an extremely interesting adaptation of a novel by Ken Bruen called Blitz (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com).

Statham plays the lead character of Brant who appears in a number of Bruen's novels and so there's potential for a number of films should the first be successful, and beside Considine Blitz could prove itself to be a cracking film.

”In the fast-moving follow-up to the White Trilogy, the south-east London police squad are suffering collective burnout: with tragic deaths, excessive habits, uncontrollable anger and the wrong kind of friendships, the team never had it so bad. When a serial killer takes his show on the road, things get progressively worse. Nicknamed 'The Blitz', a vicious murderer is aiming for tabloid glory by killing cops. Harold Dunphy, Ace crime reporter, thinks he's on to the story of the decade, and the police have all the incentive they need to catch their criminal - before they get caught first!”

According to Crime Spree Cinema through Collider the character of Blitz, to be played by Jason Statham, is a crude, un-politically correct, borderline socio-path policeman in London, and to top it all he's a tad homophobic and his partner, Sergeant Porter, is gay.

Paddy Considine is set to play Porter, a cracking choice if you ask me, and with the story and the Blitz character Statham could really be onto a winner here for his career, a chance to silence those that say his acting talents are nothing more than action sequences.

Here's a more detailed blurb for the story through Cinema Crime Spree:

"The South East London police squad are down and out: Detective Sergeant Brant is in hot water for assaulting a police shrink, Chief Inspector Roberts' wife has died in a horrific car accident, and WPC Falls is still figuring out how to navigate her job as a black female investigator in the notorious unit. When a serial killer takes his show on the road, things get worse for all three. Nicknamed "The Blitz" by the rabid London media, the killer is aiming for tabloid immortality by killing cops in different beats around the city."

You can read more about the novel over at Ken Bruen's official site.

There's a lot of hope for the screenplay as it's written by Nathan Parker who write Moon (Filmstalker review) and Elliott Lester is directing.



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