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Warcraft gets big name director

WorldofWarcraft.jpgI wouldn't expect to find the appointment of a director to the film for World of Warcraft that exciting, except this morning the choice has been revealed and it's a big surprise, mainly because it strongly suggests that this adaptation is going to be huge, and it's another indication that makes you wonder what the hell were they thinking letting Halo go if Hollywood can make Warcraft?

Let me tell you who that director is, for I think it's going to be a big surprise as a Warcraft film might not have been that big a deal for some of us, well for a lot of us. The director is, Sam Raimi.

After he completes Spider-Man 4, which promises to be much better than the third, he's heading on to film Warcraft based on the video game franchise World of Warcraft.

What astounds me is that Halo is so thoroughly rejected and yet World of Warcraft moves forward and gains such a big director with some obviously ambitious plans to put it into production. After all they are both huge franchises with big sales across multiple brand channels, not just the straight video game one you would expect, and have already shown their sales potential – all that should have Hollywood salivating.

Yet it reveals something else. The fact that Halo was rejected because the game studios wanted to retain so much control over the universe (well that was the official reason) and yet Warcraft has been accepted might suggest that the studio, Warner Bros., has a lot more control over the film property and could change a lot more, something Microsoft weren't wanting to happen to the Halo universe, and quite rightly so.

However Sam Raimi is in charge and that would suggest we're going to see something pretty faithful and pretty epic.

Variety, who have the story, tell us that the latest expansion of the game entitled Wrath of the Lich King, sold more than 2.8 million copies on the first day of its release, and over 4 million in the first month. Now that's a hot property.

There's no other word on the project in terms of story or writer, but Warcraft is a go with Sam Raimi.



I wonder if he would prefer to focus the story on Horde or Alliance? This is extremely cool knowing that the most popular online game will finally hit the big screen. I wish Raimi and his crew the best. Hopefully the movie will still be good as the game.

There could be two films there. Just like Battlestar Galactica is revisiting it's storyline from the opposite side, this film could do the same couldn't it?

There's a trilogy there. Horde view, Alliance view, and then throw in a final "this is the actual view" story. Wonder if they could do that and make three good films out of it? That would certainly take a great script.


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