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Bioshock finds new director?

Bioshock.jpgI'm a little surprised by the news that the latest name associated with the film adaptation of Bioshock is so far removed from Gore Verbinski's level. However we all have to realise that directors get their break somewhere and just because his last film was 28 Weeks Later and he doesn't have huge blockbusters behind him like the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, doesn't mean we have to knock his potential.

Still, the news that Juan Carlos Fresnadillo is in talks to direct the film is a little surprising. After all he's not in the same league as Verbinski, at least not yet.

The story is that both the studio and Gore Verbinski like the idea of him directing, and are sold on him already, it's the last step convincing Take Two, the game's developers, that he's the right one for the job, after all they hold director approval rights over the project.

I think it'll take a lot of persuading to take the leap from Pirates of the Caribbean to 28 Weeks Later.

Still, Juan Carlos Fresnadillo has some stronger Spanish films behind him, including Intacto, and that's what brought him to Hollywood. Perhaps he was stifled by the system and the script itself, which he did co-write. He didn't do a bad job with what he had.

The other thing to consider is that Verbinski still has his name against Bioshock as producer, so he wants it to be a hit and be a success for his career too, never mind the monetary bonus.

You may not be convinced at the initial choice in the Variety story, but you have to think that Verbinksi and the studio are moving in the right direction.

My only concern is that the budget will escalate and the effects and grand scale will be pulled back. This could so easily become the next Halo as the video game world proves once again too difficult to adapt to the big screen as the studios are too scared to invest to take the chance. Unless your name is James Cameron.



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