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Akira remake revived?

Akira.jpgWhen word came that Akira (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com) was going to be made into a live-action film I was excited, it could turn out really well, especially with the CG we'd be talking about and a huge budget, but then the first turnaround arrived when we heard it was actually going to be relocated in the U.S. with Japan having bought the post apocalyptic wasteland of Manhattan and remodelling it as New Tokyo.

However news arrived in June that the project was dead, just wouldn't happen, and that's all that we thought there was to tell. Now though there's a rumour that the project may be starting up again.

It was in October of 2007 that we first heard about the project to remake the original Akira and that Ruairi Robinson was to direct with Gary Whitta, and then in February of 2008 we heard that it was being made into two films, obviously since there's just so much material in there.

Later we heard from Leonardo DiCaprio himself that the scripting stage was going well .

Then the film died. The director left and the production was dead. Until today perhaps.

Akira may have some life left in it as Collider has heard a rumour that the writers Mark Fergus and Hawk Ostby have been writing a new version of the script and are about to hand it in for review.

They also confirm that the location remains the same, Manhattan, and the film is still a major project for the studio, and that they are planning a big event film.

There's not much more, but it's great news that it's still going ahead don't you think, despite the changes to the location. Still, I think this could work, especially if it's given the budget.

However let's think for a moment, and I know I can harp on about this a little much, but the ready made audience that Hollywood love so much is there but small for Akira, but for Halo it's much, much bigger, and if there's money to make Akira a reality, why wasn't there money to make Halo one? I really don't believe one is going to be cheaper than the other, especially considering the technology and effects required for Akira, and that it's supposed to be two films.

Still, event film it will be. What are the chances it'll be in 3D?



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