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Filmstalker EIFF 2009 Roundup: Episode 11: Pontypool

Microphone.jpgThe eleventh in the series of Filmstalker EIFF 2009 Roundup audiocasts has myself, Stuart and Jonathan discussing the excellent horror film Pontypool, a film you really should see.

The film looks at the events of a outbreak of a strange zombie-like virus on a small town from the viewpoint of the team behind the local radio station as they go about delivering their morning show, never straying from the studio that they're broadcasting from.

If you haven't been following this series of audiocasts, then you can catch up by starting with Episode 1: Introduction and take it from there, or see the entire list on the Filmstalker Audiocast page.

You can also follow the Filmstalker audiocasts, which are going to continue from this EIFF special which has a few more episodes to go, through the Audiocast only RSS feed or directly on iTunes.

After this episode we'll be talking about Antichrist, and that audiocast will contain some more explicit language as we consider the more explicit nature of the film.

In the meantime, here's the eleventh in the series where myself, Stuart Wood, from Cinemablend, and Jonathan Melville from itsonitsgone discuss the very enjoyable Pontypool (Filmstalker review).



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