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Filmstalker EIFF 2009 Roundup: Episode 4: Outrage

Microphone.jpgThe fourth in the series of Filmstalker EIFF 2009 Roundup audiocasts has myself, Stuart and Jonathan talking about Outrage (Filmstalker review), a film that should stir up that very feeling amongst its audience.

The documentary comes from the excellent film-maker Kirby Dick who delivers another controversial and eye opening topic, that of politicians who are secretly gay and hide this from the public, pretending to be straight and voting against gay rights.

If you haven't been following this series of audiocasts, then you can catch up by starting with Episode 1: Introduction and take it from there.

After this episode we'll, or rather Jonathan, will be discussing Mary and Max, an animated film from Australia.

In the meantime, here's the fourth in the series once again with myself, Stuart Wood, from Cinemablend, and Jonathan Melville from itsonitsgone talking Outrage (Filmstalker review).



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