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Poltergeist remake halted?

Poltergeist.jpgIt was back in November of 2006 that we first heard that the Poltergeist remake was going to be made, something that was confirmed again in January 2007, and again in July 2008, then it was August of 2008 that the film gained a director in the form of Vadim Perelman, the director of the excellent The House of Sand and Fog.

So it was a real mixed bag. On one hand I felt myself excited for Perelman taking up the film, and on the other I was wondering why we needed a remake of such an accomplished film, after all what could be improved apart from the effects?

Well the studio thought so, as did the director Vadim Perelman, and with both House of Sand and Fog and The Life Before Her Eyes you have to believe his word don't you?

Seems though that the studio don't think so now. With the financial difficulties MGM are facing Poltergeist has been postponed according to Bloody Disgusting through SciFi Wire, and it's been postponed to an unknown date in 2011 with production beginning in 2010.

Look MGM, if you really are struggling for money then here's some advice, drop this completely unnecessary remake, unless you really are going to throw a superb writer at the project, and some serious talent to get it made just right.

It feels though that the film is going to go to that half way house and they'll drop everything on the director who will have the pressure to try and replicate, or out do, what Tobe Hooper and Steven Spielberg did.

Save money, drop the project, and sell the rights.



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