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Machine Man film

MaxBarry.jpgI had never heard of Machine Man before, but the idea of how it's being written has captured my imagination, I just wonder if the idea itself can work on film, and the way to find that out is for yourself for the first forty-three pages of the novel the film is based on is all online.

The story is unique because it's serialised, it's being written a page at a time, and the page is placed on-line for everyone to read. The writer Max Barry says he doesn't really know how long it will be and doesn't really know the story of it, we'll see as he sees it appear on the computer.

So what happens after the forty-third free page of Machine Man? Well you pay a mere US$6.95 and you get to keep going, reading as he writes it.

Variety through First Showing tells us that Mandalay Pictures is looking to create a film around the story of an engineer who loses a leg and builds a better one, replacing himself piece by piece with new versions of everything.

It seems though that it's not just the gimmick of this story that has Hollywood for another of his stories, Company, has been optioned by Universal and Jennifer Government has been bought by Warner Bros. and already has George Clooney and Steven Soderbergh attached to produce. So he's certainly got the eye of Hollywood.

I wonder if the studio have been caught by the way the serial is being distributed or the story? I think the story could be a good building block for something, however Barry's turns out, I mean even the idea of an engineer building the next version up of each of his own body parts and perhaps not knowing when to stop is enough. The question would be what happens then?

Well I'd suggest signing up to read more of the story at the official site, or waiting for the film itself.



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