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Mannequin remake?

Mannequin.jpgIt's really not that surprising, but the word is that there's going to be a sequel for the eighties film Mannequin, the one that featured "Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now" by Starship. Oh yes, you're singing it already.

It also featured Andrew McCarthy, Kim Cattrall, a young and equally sexy Cattrall, and James Spader. However looking back on the film it hasn't aged well, so is it prime for a remake?

First up, you have to be aware about what stage this project is at, early, really early. According to the story the studio are in early development for the film and are just looking for their first writer to have a stab at writing a new version of Mannequin, now that is early.

Moviehole has the shocking news through CinemaBlend that the film is in development at Gladden Entertainment, a company that has just been relaunched and was responsible for the original Mannequin, the sequel Mannequin: On the Move (which was awful, and their last film), and films such as Gleaming the Cube, Weekend at Bernie's, and The Fabulous Baker Boys. Not that bad really then.

However returning to Mannequin I don't think is a good idea. Let's forget the fact that the film looks awful these days and the sequel is embarrassing, but think of the story and try and see how it would work today.

The idea is an artist, who is struggling for work, makes the most beautiful mannequin that ends up in a department store window. He happens to save the life of an old lady who just so happens to be the store owner, and she gives him a job in the stock room. While working there he discovers that the mannequin comes to life at night, inhabited by the spirit of an ancient Egyptian woman.

I'm stopping there. Are you as wide eyed and disbelieving as I am just trying to figure out how that would work in a modern day setting? Never mind how it would work, let's say they just made it, how would it wash with audiences? Not very well I would imagine!

What do you think of the idea?



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