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Thatcher biographical film

MargaretThatcher.jpgIt was back in March 2007 that we first heard of a Margaret Thatcher film, then it was written by Brian Fillis and told the story of her time as British Prime Minister during the 1982 Falklands War. Next came the word that BBC Films were behind the production, and then nothing.

Until now. The producer Damian Jones is apparently moving forward with his plan to produce a biographical film about Margaret Thatcher which is sure to put the war at the centre of the film.

The original news about the Margaret Thatcher film told us that it was set to focus on the seventeen days that led up to the Falklands War which saw the Argentian army invading the British held Falkland Islands, disputing their ownership. Back then this production looked set to follow the politics behind the war rather than the events abroad, but there's no word on which this will focus.

The Falklands War was a defining moment in Thatcher's term as Prime Minister, her popularity was down but as Argentina invaded the British ruled islands she decided that the country would go to war to defend the British residents, and that decision won her huge support from the British public. Meanwhile she was fighting for her position within parliament and the party as members of her own party conspired behind her back.

According to Variety, Abi Morgan has been hired to write the Damian Jones produced incarnation, she's a television writer that has moved on to features and was one of the writers on Brick Lane.

I'm really excited about this project, and I've felt that way since I heard about the first film back in 2007. This time had quite an impact on my life, and there's still a lot of controversy surrounding Thatcher's time in office, and of the war itself. Frankly I'm surprised it's not been tackled sooner.



This could be the comments back...

pleaseeee... someone tell me that meryl streep is going to play the role of margaret thatcher...


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