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Will Affleck and Damon work together again?

BenAffleck.jpgBen Affleck and Matt Damon might end up working together again with them both in front of the camera and Affleck behind the camera directing one of the scripts that was on the Hollywood Black List last year called The Trade.

The film is about two New York Yankees pitchers who swapped wives in the early seventies, an action which caused a national scandal. Except in those days personalities then didn't have to claim addiction and then go and apologise on television for their private lives.

The two stars had already signed a first look production deal with Warner Bros., but there were no named projects coming out of that, until now.

According to the story in Deadline Hollywood Daily through Pajiba, they are looking into The Trade, a script by Dave Mandel. Here's what I wrote about it when the Hollywood Black List came out in 2009 – the list of the favourite scripts from top Hollywood executives (and their assistants!):

THE TRADE by Dave Mandel – The true story, allegedly, of two New York Yankees pitchers who swapped wives in the early seventies and caused a national scandal. Now it happens on television all the time.

The two pitchers were Fritz Peterson and Mike Kekich, childhood friends that took their friendship further than most. Ben Affleck is apparently looking to play Peterson and Matt Damon to play Kekich.

Interestingly, as the story points out, after they swapped wives one relationship fizzled out, but Peterson and his new wife worked out just fine and are still together. Who would have guessed?

Affleck might be set to re-write with Dave Mandel, and maybe then we'll hear something more concrete about the film.

Personally I don't really care about seeing the two on screen, nowadays I just want to see more from Affleck behind the camera, because that's where his strength is. Isn't it strange how the two stars are seeming to go different directions and that Affleck is becoming the bigger name?



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