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Escape From New York, Butler still interested?

SnakePilskin.jpgNeal H. Moritz was telling us that Escape From New York was still happening, and that Gerard Butler was still interested, despite pulling out some time ago and the project going through writer after writer. Now we've had that confirmed with some rather interesting news, the assignment of a director.

The good news is that it's the director of The Crazies (Filmstalker review), now I know that might annoy some, but I think The Crazies was a really good film, and more to the point the action and tension built throughout were really good.

More to the point I can easily see the feel of the film turning towards the feel of an Escape From New York remake, really I can.

Escape From New York will now be directed by Breck Eisner according to the The Hollywood Reporter Heat Vision story, and there's little more news than that.

Of course I think that The Crazies was a good film, and from that I believe Eisner's a good choice, but then there's Sahara to consider, and really I don't want to consider that for anything. Mind you, remembering back to the stories about Clive Cussler going after the film legally, I wonder if there's a great deal behind the film Sahara than can be put at the feet of Beck Eisner. After all looking at the film there are some well directed sequences, the overall issue is with some of the absurdities of the story itself.

So I'm for the remake with Eisner, well let's put it like this, I don't like the idea of a remake of the film but if it's going to happen, Eisner's a pretty good choice considering his last film. So what about Snake?

Neal H. Moritz did say that Gerard Butler was still interested in playing the lead role, but that he wanted to see a new script. Now the script has been through a hell of a lot of work, but it seems that there's going to be something a little different, this doesn't exactly sound like a straight remake.

The story says simply that Eisner is sticking with the Allan Loeb draft of the story, and it has been through a few different drafts. What does that story offer us? It's actually an origin story of Snake Plissken, and the article tells us that it will merge with the original film.

Now I'm trying to get my head round that idea and it sounds like they're taking the best parts of the original film and mixing it with a prequel. Maybe we'll end up with a young man thrown into the middle of the Escape From New York story who slowly turns into our Snake.

I don't like that idea, do you? I'd rather a prequel, a remake or a sequel, not messing around with the original and changing the entire story. What do you think? More to the point, what do you want?



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