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Fighting Fantasy novel gets filmed

CitadelofChaos.jpgI remember hearing about the possibility of Fighting Fantasy books coming to the screen some time ago, but there was no real idea of what form those would take. Now it could be happening again and this time we might actually see it happen.

Don't remember what those Fighting Fantasy books were? Choose your own Adventure? Ian livingstone and Steve Jackson? Warlock of Firetop Mountain? Citadel of Chaos? Island of the Lizard King? (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com).

No? Oh well, then maybe this isn't for you. I remember them clearly, my friend and I even wrote our own one. These are the books where you read a paragraph and it gave you a choice. If you want to pick up the dragon's head then go to paragraph twelve, if you want to leap out the window go to paragraph twenty four. You get the idea.

I loved them when I was young, and the whole draw was that I could, as the tag line said, choose my own adventure. It was the choice and the variable story, not so much the story itself.

So to hear that the rights have been secured to Steve Jackson's House of Hell does make me wonder what we're going to see that's choose your own adventure in the film and what we'll end up seeing as just a transfer of the story direct to the film.

Ah, the story from Variety through JoBlo does say that the plan is to produce an interactive version of the film on Blu-ray and online, now that I get, because it does transfer the strongest part of the books to the film, without that, it's just a direct transfer of the story isn't it? Where's the Fighting Fantasy in that?



I still have quite a few of those Fighting Fantasy books at home. I really hope Zagor turns up in the film...

But how, apart from the branching nature of Blu-ray, can they really make a film of it work? It'll just be another fantasy film with big creatures, fighting against every individuals imagined version of the story. I think it's going to struggle.


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