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Die Hard V gains writer

LiveFreeDieHard.jpgThere's going to be another Die Hard film and Bruce Willis may well return for one more outing as John McClane, something he said after Die Hard 4.0 (Filmstalker review) that he was thinking about doing.

Right now there's a writer in negotiations to pick up the keyboard on the next film and begin creating the, most likely, final adventure for the unluckiest and luckiest human in film.

There's absolutely nothing in the story about what the next Die Hard could bring, just the news that a writer is on the way to the film and it looks as though the studio are pushing forward with it, after all Bruce Willis isn't getting any younger, and this could be his last action film.

Okay, I don't really believe that, I think he'll have plenty more in him yet, through the magic of cinema he'll still manage to be leaping about the place.

According to The Hollywood Reporter Risky Business, Skip Woods is the man currently in talks to take on the task of giving John McClane another outing. He has a lot to live up to, because Die Hard 4.0 was a hell of a surprise with Mark Bomback and Len Wiseman delivering a solid Die Hard film that captured the character and pulled in the modern world so well, and brought in some amazing set pieces.

Skip Woods wrote Swordfish and Hitman (Filmstalker review), pretty decent action films but both pretty superficial and lacking depth, then there was X-Men Origins: Wolverine, which I'm not even going to mention. Perhaps that was better on script than it was on screen. For he's followed that up with the new The A-Team.

It's hard to gauge this one, but judging from Woods previous scripts it's not sounding like an action thriller with twists and turns that was at the heart of Die Hard 4.0, whatever you think of the action, the character, or the actor.

I wonder if they are pushing this just a little too far. Can they possibly match or out do Die Hard 4.0? Are they pushing their luck in trying to create a fifth film and we might see the franchise end on a missed beat? I really hope not.



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