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Martyrs Hollywood remake gains script

Martyrs.jpgI saw the film Martyrs (Filmstalker review) some time ago, and while some scenes were shocking, I didn't find it the terrifying and nigh on unwatchable film that many had sold it as, that said it was very good and I was creeped out by it and its excellent concept.

Now, as with all good foreign films, Hollywood has decided that an English language remake could bring them in some hard cash, no matter what the cost elsewhere. Yes, cynical I may be, but there's the road of release littered with the dead bodies of remakes behind me as evidence.

It was March last year when I first wrote about Hollywood remaking the French horror film written and directed by Pascal Laugier. The film tells the story of a girl called Lucie who has been missing for over a year and is found wondering, near hysterical, at the side of a road. When the police interview her they find her traumatised and unable, or unwilling, to tell what happened to her or who did it. It's obvious though that she has undergone physical abuse in the time of her captivity.

Back then I was rather outspoken about the remake, and couldn't believe that they would consider bringing it to the screen as a Hollywood film:

Really? For those of you who have seen the film I think you would be questioning how they could possibly make it without ending up with a huge MPAA sticker on it screaming that it's evil and should be banned from being seen by any god-fearing Christian.

Yeah, I was hammering the tub a little. Now though, there's something new to the mix that should put the fear into any Martyrs or foreign horror film fan.

Bloody Disgusting through JoBlo have the story that gives us some new news about the remake, but before I get to the good bit let's stick to the truly horrifying. One of the producers of the Twilight films is producing the Martyrs remake.

Yes I know that will have some running in panic, and on paper or screen it does sound like a superbly horrifying comment, imagine Martyrs being watered down to something like Twilight. A teen friendly version in 3D with shirts being ripped off and no blood in sight. It would work a treat.

Calm down though. Although the obvious connection can be made, producers can be diverse you know, and on Wyck Godfrey's list are films from Behind Enemy Lines to I, Robot, AVP, Flight of the Pheonix and When a Stranger Calls. So it's not all Twilight. Also, to further his defence, he has Dead Space and Gears of War on that in-production list.

Okay, let's get to some better news. I was a fan of Vacancy (Filmstalker review), and the writer of that film, Mark L. Smith, who also wrote The Hole, has revealed that he's just submitted a script for the Martyrs (Filmstalker review) remake. Now that's sounding more like it to me.

His quote is brief and to the point:

”Martyrs... a remake of the French horror film that I wrote for Wyck Godfrey (Temple/Hill) who's producing the Twilight films among others.”

Although there's no more news and the script will probably go through rewrites and a number of directors before it starts filming, there's a chance that it could be the harder film we're expecting. Still, there's a long, long way to go, and we know how scared Hollywood are of making something uncompromising and non-PG13.

Smith also revealed that he's working on a script called The Revenant which John Hillcoat will direct with Christian Bale in talks to lead. Again not any more information and I'm far more interested in the Martyrs story than this.

Another piece of exciting script news that everyone is riding over is that he's just completed a script with Sidney Lumet, the thriller maker himself. Simply called Trouble. Again no more information.

Back to Martyrs. Seriously, how could Hollywood remake it without turning it into a teen friendly horror in 3D?



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