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PlayStation 's Heavy Rain gets adapted for film

HeavyRain.jpgWord is that the stunning PlayStation 3 game Heavy Rain (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com) is being adapted for film, well if the deal goes through that is.

If you don't know anything about the game I suggest you go out and get a copy immediately, for it's a superb game. It's new and innovative, allowing you to make choices that influence the story and provides engaging interactions in ways I've never expected.

I've not played lots of it but I've been engrossed by what I've played so far. You play four different characters who are all trying to find out who and what the serial killer nicknamed the Origami Killer is, just as the killer takes his next victim with an M.O. that means they'll keep the child alive for four days before the murder.

According to Deadline Hollywood Daily there's deal that's close to completing as it's been involved in a heavy bidding war. They think that Bob Shaye and Michael Lynne's Unique Features is about to win the deal.

You can see as you play the game just how cinematic it is, but the real power is in how it engages the player in the stories of the characters, something that the film will find hard to replicate.

What I'm scared about is that the core of what makes the story so good will be lost. Hopefully they'll keep the viewpoint of the four different people, cut back and forth from them as small pieces are unveiled and the mystery deepens.

As much as the story says that Shaye loves the game, I can see this going through so much development and script versions that we'll end up seeing it turn into something it's not, something more like a standard thriller.

The game is well worth getting hold of, and now I've finished the latest Splinter Cell I'll be straight back into it.



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