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Cast member reveals details on Jolie's Bosnia-Herzegovina film

RadeSerbedzija.jpgThe first assigned cast member for Angelina Jolie's love story set in the former Yugoslavia before, during, and presumably after the war has been revealed, and as he was he conducted a short interview and revealed a few interesting points about the film.

The man is Rade Serbedzija, who you might not know by name but will definitely recognise by his face. He's been in a lot of films as a supporting actor and looks set to continue that trend here. However he didn't want anything to do with the film until Jolie tracked him down.

You might remember Rade Serbedzija from films such as Harry Potter or television series such as 24, he's been in a lot of big films and series but with smaller roles, and you'll definitely recognise the face and the voice.

Now he's been cast in Angelina Jolie's film he reveals that he turned it down initially.

”She tried to contact me via my agents and they told her that I am not acting in movies on war in former Yugoslavia. I rejected all offers because scenarios were mainly poor and onesided.”

Apparently he's had a few offers to make a film based on the war there, but it's only when Jolie got through to him and bypassed the agents that she made him see what the film is really about:

”When she was told why I had rejected her offer, Angelina contacted me by phone and asked me to read the scenario. The text is fantastic. It is a love story about a young Serb and a Muslim woman who fell in love several evenings before beginning of war in Bosnia. That’s how film begins. Then follows war madness...Their love becomes passionate but impossible.”

There's a spoiler which follows in the Blic Online short interview through The Playlist and JoBlo (who don't have the Playlist link unfortunately), and so I'll avoid that. Now it really is a spoiler as it sounds like the last big set-up for the film, although it didn't surprise me, it certainly is a spoiler so I would steer clear.

He goes on to say that the film is actually based on a true story that Jolie heard, and it's by no means an anti-Serbian film as so many of the films that Serbedzija rejected were. He also reiterates that it is going to be filmed in Sarajevo and Budapest.

Serbedzija will be playing the father of the main character, the Serbian soldier who before the war falls in love with a Muslim woman just before the war begins, when it does their relationship is torn apart. The father will have survived the horrors of World War II, but he would be the only one having seen his family killed.

It sounds like it won't be as non-political as Jolie insists, I really can't see it not addressing war and ethnic cleansing even if it is concentrating on the relationship between these two characters, after all they are placed on opposite sides of the conflict.

However I do believe that the portrayal of the political and moral messages will be a strong one, concentrating on moral injustices rather than political party and individual injustices. It's certainly going to be a landmark film for everyone concerned.



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