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CHiPs film back on?

CHiPs.jpgBack in 2006 I started writing about a possible CHiPs film, and while that might seem a long time to some, it's not really, consider that I first wrote about The A-Team adaptation back in 2004. It's been a long time coming though, and even before then the work was happening in the background.

Now news appears that suggests CHiPs is on the move again, and that there are executive producers and writers attached to the project. Believe it or not, this really could still happen.

Back in April 2006 I wrote about how Wilmer Valderrama was lined up to play the character of Ponch from the original television series CHiPs (California Highway Patrol), and he was talking about how the film would be a lot more serious than other film adaptations of television shows that were happening at the time, the reason that they believed that these other adaptations had failed.

"What we're doing is, we're having fun with it, but we're not making fun of 'CHiPs.' A lot of the remakes that have happened in the last couple of years have failed because they make fun of their franchise. You can't be making fun of something that at some point people cared so much about. For the world, 'CHiPs' is a very serious drama. You can't disrespect that. What we want is for the comedy to be very organic and just be character driven -- not to have funny costumes or funny gags"

Now that was some time ago, and back then I was questioning just how serious a drama the show was, but I don't think that matters, because looking at all the police reality shows on television just now, this could be made real and gritty and work much better.

CHiPs was a television series that ran for six series from 1977 to 1983. It was about two California Highway Patrol motorcycle officers who patrolled the freeways around Los Angeles, getting to incidents faster than other police and also to locations that patrol cars couldn't reach. I remember there always seemed to be a car pile in every show.

Officer Jon Baker was the straight, play it by the book, policeman of the two with Officer Frank "Ponch" Poncherello tending to see what the situation called for and bend the rules now and again. It was a very successful show, and the fact it ran for six series is something to be proud of.

However the previous attempts to make it have never really come to anything. The news from Deadline Hollywood Daily is that CHiPs looks set to come back as a television series right now, not as a film as Warner Bros Television has picked it up and has the Numb3rs creators Nicolas Falacci and Cheryl Heuton as writers and executive producers, Topher Grace is also executive producing.

Apparently the new series of Hawaii Five-0 has been gathering interest so there's a belief that CHiPs will also do well, although in reality with audiences that has no real meaning. Interestingly it was in 2008 that a film version of Hawaii Five-0 was being touted, but that also turned into a television series with the pilot ready to go.

The article does point out that Warner Bros have also been trying to get a film version of CHiPs off the ground, independently of the television show, but there's no word on any movement on that.

If there's going to be a television series of kicked off then there's a good chance that Warner Bros could consider a film version too. If the television series is successful it might provide the push they need to get the film version made.



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