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Mission: Impossible IV drops entire franchise?

MiIII.jpgWhile we've just heard that Mission: Impossible IV will co-star Jeremy Renner alongside Tom Cruise, it seems that the sharing of the leading role isn't the only change to hit the film.

News online has revealed that the next Mission: Impossible film will drop the title, reboot the franchise, and even drop the character from the series. This is going to be a totally different film.

In fact there's a question if it will really be the same franchise at all, considering the changes that we're being told we'll see, I wonder if you could call this Mission: Impossible at all.

The story comes from “insiders” through Variety and tells us some key points about the new film, now bear in mind that this hasn't been verified yet, but it's looking pretty close.

They say that the film won't be called Mission: Impossible IV and may not even carry the Mission: Impossible or M:I tag that the franchise is used to, and that point alone makes me wonder what possible connection it could have with the series after that.

Now there won't be a team of agents, there will just be two, the two agents we already have cast with Tom Cruise and Jeremy Renner with each playing an equal part of the film.

While details of the plot are quiet at the moment, those “insiders” say that the script will bring an entirely new perspective to the action-spy franchise, and what's more this film will not pick up with the story or the character where M:I:III finished.

To me all that sounds like a completely new film, nothing to do with the Mission: Impossible franchise, what do you think?

There's been speculation that all this means handing over the torch in the franchise, but I'm not so sure. Yes, Renner is younger, but is he going to take over a three or more film franchise that is effectively starting off on its own?

It does go on to say that Paramount does see Cruise returning for subsequent films if there are any, but will a stand alone spy film breaking away from the Mission: Impossible mould be as attractive as a pure Mission: Impossible IV film?



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