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Beckinsale confirmed for Underworld 4

KateBeckinsale.jpgSo Kate Beckinsale is confirmed for Underworld 4, hold up, Underworld 4 is confirmed and without a director Beckinsale is returning to play Selene, there's a search beginning for an actress to play her daughter, and that means we're in for a sequel to Underworld: Evolution, time-line wise that is.

The entire franchise has been rather profitable and you know they've been pretty good entertainment, some better than others, but none failing, in my eyes anyway. So I'm rather pleased there's going to be a sequel and with Selene returning without being recast, aren't you?

The news comes that Kate Beckinsale has signed up and that she's going to have a daughter that is no doubt to be the next generation of her, and the werewolves, kind.

The Hollywood Reporter has the story that she's taking the lead and that the John Hlavin script has been rewritten by the excellent J. Michael Straczynski, now they're looking for a director, and that is a little surprising for I would have thought that that Len Wiseman would have returned to direct his wife, but then neither returned for the prequel Underworld: Rise of the Lycans, although to be fair Beckinsale couldn't return to a film she wasn't really in.

Good news for the franchise, and if Resident Evil can keep going, why not something doing as well and looking good as Underworld?



Why not her very own daughter? It's in her blood...so to speak.


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