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Black Widow getting a film?

BlackWidow.jpgSuperhero films are piling out ten a penny at the moment, and it's no longer the case that the leading and most known ones are getting a chance at film, it's now the fan loved ones and even ones that are so obscure that most people haven't even heard of them. It's actually getting to the stage in Hollywood that if there's a big star willing to play a character they'll make a film about them, after all isn't that what Black Widow is?

Actually, the Black Widow from Marvel doesn't really have any superhero powers, unless you go to the comics and there are two things, one she ages slowly, and two she has an enhanced immune system and can keep colds away much easier than most, while looking great. She isn't really a superhero.

Interestingly that is the second incarnation of the Marvel Comics Black Widow, the third version appeared in 1999 actually didn't have any powers and she was just a very athletic character who knew martial arts, like the Black Widow we saw in the Iron Man films portrayed by Scarlett Johansson, a superhero without any powers.

The news from Latino Review is that there's a film on the way, well after The Avengers anyway. Kevin Feige, producer of many of these films said:

"We've already started discussions with Scarlett about the idea of a solo movie and have begun putting together concepts...but The Avengers comes first."

The first Black Widow character was the one with powers. She was an interesting character, an anti-hero who killed those who did evil and give their souls to her master, Satan, and her ability was a death touch. Now that's a much more interesting Black Widow character isn't it? However she is unrelated to the Black Widow we see today, unfortunately.

All that said, Black Widow was an ancillary character in the Iron Man 2 film and although she'll have a larger part in the Avengers film, the question is why does she deserve her own film when there are so many great superhero characters out there that have been overlooked or given a bad outing and deserve a second one.

You only have to look at something like the X-Men universe, or perhaps just look back to a character like Daredevil who has so much to offer and has been so let down in his first film.

We know that once a Hollywood studio makes a film that works from a new genre other studios leap on the bandwagon, and soon they're looking at franchises, multiple properties and characters, and there's an ongoing conveyor belt of them. However that doesn't mean that they have to be bad, we've seen the quality of that conveyor belt rise and there are a lot of interesting films on the go, but at the same time so many of those ideas being banded around for graphic novel and comic book adaptations that are just bizarre.

It's getting to the point where a star will play a cameo in a superhero film that turns out to be successful and because the star is recognisable and they liked playing their role, it's time for a spin off film.

Saying that so far it's only been words, and those words haven't really been setting the screen on fire. So let's imagine this goes beyond words, gets into production and gets made. Do you want to see a Black Widow film? A non-super superhero character that's getting made just because of big red hair, a sexy voice, and a big bust in a tight fitting leather costume?

Oh but then she is a Russian secret agent and that opens up a whole raft of possibilities for a film. Like...like...she's in a tight fitting costume.



I don't think a character needs superpowers to be interesting. It could turn out as a good spy movie, who knows.

I'm not a big fan of Scarlet or the Black Widow so I'm not really holding my breath for this one though.

No you're right, but then they need to be well written and more than red hair, big boobs, tight leather outfit and martial arts. What we've got so far is a film about Xenia Onatopp, the Bond baddie played by Famke Janssen, from GoldenEye, and she was more "fleshed" out than Black Widow, on film at least.


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