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Carell going serious?

SteveCarell.jpgTo be honest when I see a story about Steve Carell I usually switch off, and why not? His comedy films are lacklustre and dribble on the same humour that most of Hollywood does, sex, bodily functions and slapstick, oh and the bumbling, stammering character.

This time though I read through the article, checked the original film that he seems to be remaking, and got a bit of a surprise. He's going to be singing in a remake of a music documentary. Yes, you heard right, and there's no comedy, at least in the original.

It's not clear if this film is going to be a comedy or not, but some things are clear. It's a remake of the 2008 musical documentary called Of All the Things which focused on the songwriter and producer Dennis Lambert and Steve Carell is also producing. Oh, and he's going to be starring and singing.

Seems a hell of a leap, then something struck me, how do you reboot a documentary? Especially one that saw Jody Lambert, the son of Dennis Lambert, follow his father on a two week concert tour of the Philippines, a place where he discovered that his solo album was incredibly popular even thirty five years after it was released.

So how can you remake, restart or even reboot a documentary like that? Are you going to get Dennis Lambert to do the concert again and recreate the scenes? Doesn't sound like a documentary to me, and why would Carell be singing?

Oh now I get it. This is going to be a comedy, it's not going to be a recreation of the documentary, we're going to see the story taken from the documentary and stretched and spun into a comedic role.

Could Steve Carell be playing a singer who heads to a small island where his music is still hugely popular, despite the rest of the world having dumped him way back in his career and it never regaining the popularity he once knew? I know it's not the documentary, but it's definitely the plot for a Hollywood Carell comedy.

Variety has the story and does say just that, it's a "feature remake" of the documentary, that Jonathan Goldstein and John Francis Daley will "pen the reboot", this all looks like it's a comedy version of the story, not something more interesting with Carell taking up a more interesting character and perhaps doing some more serious acting. I am disappointed.



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