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Filmstalker Film Club: Round 5

Microphone.jpgWelcome to Round 5 of the Filmstalker Film Club Audiocast. This round we're moving onto Steven's choices, actually his first round of choices, and we're treated to three very different films to choose from.

In this audiocast you can listen to myself, Mark and Steven discuss the film we've chosen to watch from Steven's three choices. This is a little different to previous choices as Steven forces us to be a little more grown up film wise!

Each month the currently selected member of the Filmstalker Film Club chooses three connected films which are put to the vote with the other Film Club members for a week. The winning film is the film that everyone watches, and then a few weeks later gets together to talk about.

What's great is that this makes us all watch films that we wouldn't normally have thought of seeing, and hopefully it will encourage you to watch a film that you've never thought of seeing either, and as we move through the backlog of recordings and match up the public voting with the audiocasts, you can get more involved too.

Round 5 is Steven's turn, and he's chosen his three films, we've voted on them, and the winner watched. As a change from previous rounds, because these early selections weren't polled on the site and the audiocasts contain a lot of spoilers, I'm going to tell you what film we're about to watch so that you can do the same before listening to us discuss it.

Round 5 is Talk to Her (Hable con Ella) from Pedro Almodóvar.

You can listen below, or grab it through the iTunes podcast, with all the links explained below.

You can find all the Filmstalker audiocasts on the Filmstalker Audiocast page

You can follow the Filmstalker audiocasts through the Audiocast only RSS feed or directly on iTunes.

If you're interested in joining in with the Filmstalker Film Club then either get me on Twitter, on the Filmstalker Facebook Page, or by any other means necessary.

You don't have to join us for the talk if you don't want to, join in with the selecting three films, voting, watching, and then just send in some questions or comments about the film and we'll use them in the audiocast.



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