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I Am Number Four trailer and hidden featurette

IAmNumberFour.jpgThe trailer for I Am Number Four has arrived and it looks quite good, even if you are thinking back to the television series of Roswell or the television series that totally destroyed all memories of Superman, Smallville.

Not only is there the new trailer to have, but if you check the end of the trailer there's a lovely QR code which I've pulled out for you and it takes you to the trailer footage cut together with director and star talking about the film.

Roswell, Smallville, you could reel off another couple of titles, but for me those are the ones that make the biggest connection with I Am Number Four, and that would normally be a very bad sign, especially considering the fact that Stormbreaker's Alex Pettyfer is in the lead as well as starring Teresa Palmer and Dianna Agron. It's all feeling rather teeny.

Except there's also Kevin Durand and Timothy Olyphant and the director is the one to look for, D.J. Caruso.

The story for I Am Number Four is adapted from the James Frey and Jobie Hughes novel (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com) by Alfred Gough and Miles Millar, but it's the fact that Caruso is directing that draws me back to the film.

Nine aliens escaping destruction from creatures on their home planet they head to Earth, assume different identities, and hide among the people, one day hoping to return. However they are being hunted down one by one and now it's the turn of Number Four, hidden among the people of Earth as John Smith.

You can see the trailer below and over at Yahoo Movies in high definition.

At the end of the trailer there's a QR code, dropping it into my Android it downloaded a 2Mb video that is mainly the trailer cut together in different sections but there's also D.J. Caruso and Alex Pettyfer talking about the story and they reveal such things as each of the aliens are bestowed powers, but they don't know what those powers will be - what's all that about then?

To see the video for yourself, here's the QR code:




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