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New Red Hill trailer online

RedHill.jpgRyan Kwanten is best known for his role in True Blood, but I'm desperate to see his leading role in Red Hill which looks absolutely superb with great atmosphere, stylistic shooting, and a strong western type story line.

The first trailer looked great, and this trailer is doing just a good a job. It also stars Steve Bisley, Tommy Lewis and Claire van der Boom and is written and directed by Patrick Hughes.

The story for Red Hill sees a young police officer move from the city to a small country town while he recovers mentally from a shooting. On his first day a prisoner breaks out of the high security prison, a man who was convicted of shooting a local officer, and heads back to the town for revenge, picking off the policemen one by one.

The new police officer is caught up in the middle of it all and follows orders until the truth starts to cloud his decisions and his orders.

The thriller follows the action over a single day and night, following the young officer as he has to take the law into his own hands as he's caught in the middle of the ongoing bloody confrontation between outlaw and police.

You can see the new trailer over at Apple Trailers through AITH, it's well worth a look.



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