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Plot details for Wachowskis' Cobalt Neural 9

Wachowskis.jpgAs we've been hearing, or rather not, the Wachowskis have been working on their new film in almost complete secrecy and there has hardly been any information leaking out about it, until now.

I say that but of course this information from “insiders” could well be wrong, but the information is giving us a little more insight into what their new film could be about, and it does indeed involve some pretty big taboos, including a gay relationship between a U.S. soldier and an Iraqi militant, and American terrorism.

I will issue the warning I always try to do when we're talking rumours from “insiders” or “sources”, however this one does sound as though it could be close to the truth, unless the “insiders” here are on the Wachowski team who are delivering some nice rumours to keep us all off the course of the truth.

However let’s go with the story from N.Y. Magazine’s Culture Vulture through MTV as though they are in the right side of the rumour line and see what they have to say.

The first is that the title is really just to confuse us all and the story is set in the future, although to be honest it sounds like the not too distant future since they’re still talking about American soldiers in Iraq, or maybe not, a discussion for another time.

The story of Cobalt Neural 9 (or whatever it's going to be called) will be told through flashbacks of the all too common “found footage”, which when you hear some of the story reveals you have to wonder how they’ll have footage of some of these events, but never mind. The footage comes through news sources and the usual handheld cameras and follows the stories of an American soldier and an Iraqi soldier turned militant who begin a love affair which seems to get pretty heavy and pretty physical too. According to the rumour they engage in some sex that’s described as two animals rutting behind a fence.

Now that does sound like a studio would have a hard time throwing that on the big screen, but then they’ve done it before.

Apparently the key is that the two go to the home of the Iraqi for some bonding and it’s there that a disaster shifts both their perceptions and they both decide to take arms against those who created and maintain the war, in other words the unmistakable President George W. Bush, well president at the time of the story.

Sounds interesting, but right now there’s something that stands out for me and it’s not a good thing, the whole gay relationship. Looking at the rest of the story and reading how the relationship is described I’m a little concerned that it sounds like it’s being used as a big media hook and it’s being a little over sensationalised.

What I actually believe is that the film won’t be using this as the big shock value that the media stories are, I can see it like Brokeback Mountain, maybe even less so, and the story will concentrate more on the politics and taboo breaking rather than just shocking material.

What are your thoughts?



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