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The King's Speech trailer online

TheKingsSpeech.jpgThe King's Speech is the story of King George VI who becomes the British King when Edward abdicated in 1936. However he's not the King that his brother was. He carries a nervous stutter and he's due to deliver the speech of his life, and perhaps of many King's lives.

So he takes to all manner of doctors and such to see if he can be cured of his stutter, and then he meets a new speech therapist, a radical man whose methods are often ridiculed. This is the story of how Lionel Logue helped King George VI overcome his stutter and address his nation.

The King's Speech stars Colin Firth, Geoffrey Rush and Helena Bonham Carter and is directed by Tom Hooper, and I have to admit that originally I was sceptical and assumed that this would be a pretty poor film from a pretty weak idea, and to be fair the opening parts of the trailer don't really convince me any other way.

Actually to take an aside, what the opening scenes do suggest is that Carter will be playing a decent, non-Tim Burton role once again.

However the second half of the trailer brings in the fact that the King has to deliver a speech to the country, talking in the time of war and the growing Nazi threat, a speech that is terrifying him and could be one of the most important speeches made by a British King. This is where the power kicks in with the impending threat of the speech, the weight shown of the time of war, and the more personal, more performance based shots. This does indeed look like a film with more to say than I first thought.

Here's the trailer from Yahoo Trailers, give it a go and see for yourself.



Looks like another stand-out performace from Colin Firth.


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