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The Wicker Tree teaser trailer online

TheWickerTree.jpgWell if we forget the silly nonsense of the Hollywood version of the wonderful 1973 The Wicker Man then we can go straight to the latest news from The Wicker Tree, written and directed by Robin Hardy, the director of the original film.

The teaser trailer has arrived from the film and I can officially tell you that it reveals next to nothing. There's a nice powerful voice over, but apart from that some background images from the film that you can't really get a handle on.

It's a nice teaser, but I can't say it has me hooked on the film as yet, just the idea of it. The original director writing and directing a sequel which is set and filmed in Scotland sounds far better than a single shred of information that ever came out of the Hollywood sequel.

Here's the teaser trailer for The Wicker Tree from the official site through ShockTillYouDrop:



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