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127 Hours gets new trailer

127Hours.jpgThankfully Danny Boyle's 127 Hours has been given a new trailer, and rather than watch most of it being about the opening set-ups of the film, although we still see some of that to give us the sense of the character and what he's about, we do get to see more of the main crux of the story.

Aron Ralston with his arm caught under a boulder, trapped in a canyon in a desert, miles from anywhere and anyone, and seemingly no way to escape. He was 127 Hours trapped before he used every possible means of escape, bar one, and when he did he faced the journey of his lifetime.

What's amazing about this story is that it's true and the lengths that Ralston went to save himself are unbelievable, and the story does sound like it would make for an excellent film.

My concern was from the first trailer which seemed to be a lot of style over substance, and a lot of gung-ho wild fun to a fun soundtrack, and not a lot of the story itself. This trailer for 127 Hours which comes through Collider is somewhat different and it does give us more balance and concentrates on the story in hand, so to speak.

Some early commentary suggests that James Franco, who plays the lead, gives a great performance. Well have a look and see what you think.

It does look like it's setting it up to be a strong thriller, and a powerful performance from Franco.



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