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Affleck brothers writing The Trade

Afflecks-Damon.jpgBen Affleck has revealed that he and Casey Affleck are rewriting the Dave Mandel script for The Trade together, the film about the New York Yankees pitchers who swapped their lives and wives in a bizarre true life story.

The rumour at the time was that Matt Damon was set to star with Ben Affleck in two male leads and that back then the rumour was that Affleck might direct, something that he says might have swapped roles, just like the real life story, except no wife swapping here.

The Dave Mandel script was on the 2009 Hollywood Black List - the list of the favourite scripts from top Hollywood executives (and their assistants!) - which told the true story of the two New York Yankees pitchers who swapped their wives in the early seventies causing a huge scandal and an upheaval in both their lives.

The two pitchers were Fritz Peterson and Mike Kekich and the story I wrote back then was saying that Ben Affleck was looking to play Peterson and Matt Damon to play Kekich with Affleck directing. However those were rumours and we heard no more.

Now the words come from Ben Affleck himself through an MTV interview carried on /Film that he and Casey have decided to write the script. Here's the video interview:

“Matt, me, Casey directing? Particularly for Matt, he's had this extraordinary career where he's worked with these great directors. He's a great director who just hasn't directed a movie.”

Okay so what he's not actually saying is that Damon would direct, he's saying that either of them could and it sounds as though the chance could go to Damon if he wanted it. Now to consider this or another Bourne film, I know where I would go. Take a chance Damon.

Still, the sensible choice would be to give it to Ben Affleck to direct and he could continue his strong streak of film directing, but there's something in that statement that sounds as though if Matt says maybe, then Ben would push him behind that camera and mentor him through the process, heh, they're buddies after all.

Who would you have direct?



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